Saturday, March 19, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

Still my favorite holiday, but this year was much lower key. Probably the first year in a solid 10-12 years I haven't done something festive or celebratory for it. Considering the week we had been having, I didn't feel too guilty about it. I did get the kiddos and myself dressed in green. And I went to my mom's ward's relief society birthday dinner where they served some Irish food and had cute decorations. That will do. And even though it was sometimes difficult focusing on the "luck", aka blessings I have in life recently, these pics just help me remember how good God is and how lucky/blessed I really am.
I sure love these little leprechauns!!

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  1. I wish I had done more to celebrate as well. I did wear green ;) haha. Those babes sure are the best blessings! I love them!