Sunday, July 20, 2014


This is how it began...

Tanner was feeling sick last Tuesday. He was complaining of belly pain kind of all day. I honestly didn't think too much of it. Every now and again he'll get a little stomach thing and he wasn't complaining any really so I just figured it would go away. I think he did too. So then Wednesday he said he was going to the bathroom a lot at work and came home again saying he didn't feel good. I got Harvey to sleep and he went and laid down. I thought, great! I can lay down and we can both go to bed early and life will be good. He kept saying his stomach was hurting a lot and seemed to be getting a little worse. So we took his temp and he had a legit fever and I pushed around on his belly. Definitely the most sore in his right lower side. Nuts. I told him it very well could be his darn appendix but he should tell me when he felt like he needed to go in. Not too much later he decided we should go. Checked his temp again and it was higher. So then I started trying to find someone to come stay with Harvey. That was a process but finally we got a girl from our ward to come over and Tanner and I headed to the hospital. 

I tried not to be obnoxious and like, hey I work here, get us back immediately and do this and do that. But they were pretty good to us and got things going about as fast as they could. 

He got some good meds that he said made him pretty loopy but killed the pain so he was happy. We're gonna have to add him to our drug seeker list I bet - now that he's tasted the good stuff ;) 
The doc came in and examined him and said pretty confidently that he had appendicitis but we still got the CT scan. Results obviously came back positive for that. So I had talked to our babysitter and she said Harv had woken up and didn't want to take his bottle or go back to sleep. So I went and picked him and her up and we came back to the hospital. Her dad and another guy from our ward came to the hospital to give Tanner a blessing and then took Jessica home. Harvey was wide awake looking at all the gadgets and gizmos all over the place. Then surgeon and anesthesiologist came in to do all the pre op stuff. Then around 12:45am they wheeled him to surgery. 
I wandered over to the surgery waiting room and tried to rest. Harvey was not having it. He kept waking up and it was just rough. Not as rough as surgery I'm sure so I don't want to complain, but it was a long few hrs. He finally came out of surgery about 2:15 and had to be in recovery another hour. They moved him into his room (on the OB floor) about 3:15 ish. After he was settled I took Harv home and we slept for a few hrs. Harvey was nice and played and then fell back asleep, all in our bed so I could sleep more. Oh man I was tired. Around 11 we made it back to the hospital and a couple hrs later we got to go home.
I was supposed to work the next couple days and instead of leaving them hanging, I worked about 8 hrs both days. We had a couple different people watch Harvey so Tanner could rest but I felt bad I wasn't around that much to take care of him. I do just have to give a shout out to Williston peeps though. We are so blessed with so many wonderful friends up here. It was amazing how many people went WAY out of their way to help - babysit, drive in the middle of the night for blessings, people bringing meals, all the nice questions and comments of concern for Tanner, etc. It's hard to be away from family but it's just wonderful how much of a family it feels like we have here. I can't really express it adequately. We are so grateful to have met all the people we have up here. 

So ya. Now he's healing up nicely and is planning on going back to work this week. 

Crazy thing. I think the worst part for him is he's been told he can't golf for 3 weeks. Shoulda got the app in winter!


  1. Glad he's on the road to recovery!

  2. LOVE all the updates and pictures. LOVE them. LOVE you guys!!!! Harvey really might be the CUTEST KID EVER. Which is saying a lot, cause I've got my own kids. But really he melts my little heart even here FAR FAR away.

    Keep the entries coming. Can't wait to see you SOON ish……..YAY

  3. There's always something new and exciting going on with you guys! This one isn't so fun though!