Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July

Tanner and I have been discussing that we have never lived or been anywhere that celebrates the Fourth of July like Williston does. The first 4th we were here we were at the stock car races and they had a firework show after that was by far the best and longest and most amazing spectacle we had ever seen.  Hands down.  Last year we were coming home from an anniversary trip so we really didn't see any. We always hear stuff though.  96% of this town shoots off fireworks for the week before and week after the actual holiday. And they are legit fireworks and they go on pretty much all night.  (That part isn't that awesome).

So this year - I was off and we were in town.  Tanner went golfing in the morning and I walked over to the church for a pancake breakfast and softball game. 
Harv started sitting up on his own two days before, so he just had some fun in the grass.  I chatted with Lindy and Beth and watched the game.  Then we walked home.
Baseball is exhausting. Then we didn't do a whole lot the rest of the afternoon.  That night we had a party at our friend's the McBride's. It was a dang good time.  There was like 8 or 9 families and lots of kids.  We had grilled weenies with AWESOME toppings. Oh man so tasty.

Other activities included a zip line, a pony, candy canon, horseshoes, potato gun and good conversation!

I tried putting Harvey down several times as it got later so we could still hang out and watch the fireworks.  Tanner got into the spirit and bought a bunch of big, cool ones. Harvey was NOT having it. So I was about to take him home but when I put him in his car seat, he stopped crying.  So I just took him outside and he watched the fireworks.  He didn't even hardly flinch when the really loud ones went off.  And then he fell asleep outside. That kid.

Oh and they were roasting mallow's out front during the show too.  It was sweet.  The worst part was the mosquitos. Holy moly they are so bad here.  It was awful.  It was so awesome though being up on the hill and having a view of the whole valley.  There was like 100 different places that you could see shooting off big fireworks.  It was like that for HOURS. The sounds were really cool too. Then we left about 11 and they were doing the big firework show at the races.  So we drove by there and pulled off the side of the road and watched them.  They had probably been going on 10-15 minutes before we pulled over and we sat and watched for 30 minutes.  So great.  And it was nice watching them inside because it wasn't hot and humid and nothing was sucking all our blood out of us. It was a really fun fourth! We are proud to be American's! :) Happy Independence Day from the Niederhausers!



  1. It was an awesome party for sure!! Great pics. :)

  2. What a fun 4th of July! Looked super fun! And amazing!! Who has a zip line and a pony in the backyard?!? THAT. IS. AWESOME. Harvey has the best faces ever. They still crack me up! He's adorable.

  3. You guys are a beautiful family! I love that picture of you all! Miss you. Come home ;)