Monday, July 14, 2014


We have baby fish!! One of our creamscicle mollies has looked pregnant for forever it seems. A couple of days ago, Tanner noticed that she had thinned out significantly. So we started looking for eggs or babies or whatever and didn't see anything. Tanner read online that mollies usually eat their babies anyway. Plus we have a bunch of other decent sized fish that we figured would finish the job if she didn't. Well today I came home from work and Tanner said he had found a bunch of baby fishies!!  See if you can find them!
There's 3 little yellow specks near the bottom of that green plant. So cute!
There's one fish with a yellow head and a gray body. 
There's two in the one above and below. 
Pretty sweet, huh!? Tanner thinks he counted at least 8. Could be more. That momma fish was HUGE though and it looked like there were tons more eggs in her belly than 8. Survival of the fittest. I can't wait to watch them grow!

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