Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My new obsession

It took me awhile to get turned onto Chobani yogurt. I wondered why I'd want to pay more than a dollar for yogurt when I could buy like 3 for a dollar - especially when I thought those ones tasted just fine. Well, when I finally tried Chobani I thought it was so delicious. Significantly better tasting than Yoplait or any other kinds. 

Then people at work started showing up with THIS:
Never heard of that before. But apparently it is supposed to be pretty good. For over $2.50 each, I felt content to never try it. Can't be that good. Well, several weeks ago I broke down and got one of my own. Mind. Blown. Holy crap I never knew yogurt could be that good. I only had two and have been dreaming of it ever since. Then I bought a couple more when I had to run to Albertsons. (Walmart doesn't carry them, luckily). I picked special times when I allowed myself the pleasure. Then I had to run to a different grocery store yesterday to mail something and I grabbed 4 more. I try to ration them. I am in love. And for anyone who knows how much of an ice cream addict I am, it will mean a lot when I say I would just about choose this over ice cream. I'm totally hooked. Great. 


  1. I am a self-proclaimed Greek yogurt aficionado....have considered trying these but never have. I will after reading this!

  2. Haha oh dear. Quite the addiction, eh? :)