Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day

Best family reunion of the year. Well, these days it's the only reunion of the year, but it's awesome. Let's just say it's one of my favorite days of the year :) And I've made it 2 years in a row now! Every Memorial Day for the last, forever basically, my mom's side of the family reserves the last picnic site up City Creek Canyon. We have been rained out a couple of years but mostly it's been good days. I have so many fun memories of that place. Teeter tottering, volleyball, monkey bars (monkey bars still are up there but volley ball court has overgrown some and the teeter totters have been gone for awhile), horseshoes, hiking, playing down at the cave under the bridge, boat races, double dutch, delicious food, etc etc. This year was great because I got to see a lot of cousins I haven't seen forever. Harvey had a great time, Greta was good, the weather was perfect and it just couldn't have been better. Now we just need to get Tanner there! (He was at the Indy 500) Next year for sure :)


 He found a few second cousins that had trucks and stuff too and it was really nice that he spent a majority of the time digging with them in a well visualized area away from the river. Made it a bit easier for me to relax some.


Harv got the blue puffs and Pearl got the pink
My dad and Heather took him on a few "hikes". This is the cave where we used to spend A LOT of time when we were younger. 

Getting splashed

Not even out of the canyon and he was passed out. Definitely a sign of a GREAT day!

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  1. Love that tradition! I can't wait until Logan can run around and play with Harv!