Friday, June 10, 2016

Random things

I have a bunch of small sets of pictures that I usually don't blog about because in my mind it doesn't seem like it was significant for a full blog. But I want to change me style and remember even the little things we do. So hopefully I can stay on top of things and throw some little snippets in here and there. We'll start with cinco de mayo. My brother invited us over for tacos and a piñata. Harv loves playing with the girls and he liked the piñata for a few round. Three little kids wasn't getting to the candy fast enough and there was a golf club he found so you can imagine the shift of interest. 
Waiting patiently in line. Luckily we got off with no casualties!

Helping do "wurt-in" on the deck. 

I was planning on surprising Tanner in Williston over Mother's Day weekend but I only got a buddy pass and never made the flight. I was SO incredibly depressed by that. We went to Leatherby's as a consolation dinner (and ice cream). Delicious. And Harvey loved the corn dog. He literally squealed in delight over the several dipping options and figuring out a hot dog was hiding in the corn shell. 

We also got to help Pop Pop plant the garden. 

The Sunday before Memorial Day we went to the cemetery to put flowers on my dad's parents and grandparents grave. Harvey is always eager to help and do hard "wert". Hope that lasts a few more years. Or decades. 

Tanner's aunt and uncle Bruce and Marlene were in town last week. They live in St. George and I think the last time we saw them was at Harvey's baby blessing. They were hanging out at Clare and Berrie's new house so we drove up to say hi while we could. The house is getting close to being done. There was a small kubota digger in the yard and you can see where this is going. Well I walked out with him to look at it and we discovered the door was unlocked. He sat in there forever and then dad came out and found the keys. So - basically Harv was in absolute HEAVEN. He got to sit and play with controllers and drive it. I don't think Tanner hated it either ;)

June 5th my cousin Ty blessed their baby. Asher's bday is Feb 9, so 20 days older than Greta. He makes her look small and we usually think she's a tank. Haha. 
Cousin Cam 

A couple of days ago we went swimming at Mimi and Papa's apartment pool. Greta wasn't so sure at first but then she got comfortable and cozy and lounged out for awhile. Harvey was a fish and did NOT want to be done. It was a hot and happy day!

And today we went to Cherry Hill! We bought season passes. Carson and Nat got some too and so did Laura. So we were all there today. It was super windy and kinda crappy weather but Harv had a blast still (except when we got out and the wind was blowing and making him cold) and Greta even liked it. She was squealing and talking away in the lazy river. And while we sat in the kiddie pool she was quite happy and didn't even cry when kids ran by and splashed her. Harv went down one of the bigger blue slides with Tanner. It scared him a titch though. Oh well. He'll do it again :)
Thumbs up...
Sorry - lots of cute pics I am including all of. 
Looking forward to some fun summer swim time!


  1. Looks like the decision to move to Utah has been a good one so far ;) I am jealous of all your fun family adventures!

  2. I love that you are posting lots of fun memories!