Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Greta = 4 months

This little marshmallow is already 4 months. She is the cutest, squishiest, happy thing! She has been sleeping really good and has started to really grab at things - not the best at holding on to them for long periods of time but still pretty good. The biggest thing that happened this month is she giggled for the first time. My dad got her to do it be tickling her ribs with his face/nose :) It's not very consistent yet but I did hear it once and can't wait for that sound to grace us more frequently! Baby laughs are the happiest sounds in the world! The giggles and the talking are still going on and we LOVE it. She's too precious.
She's a champ at tummy time.

Cutest little feet!

Tipped over and not so happy about it.

She digs the bumbo.  First time we tried it!

Sometimes she's not the best sleeper.
For her 4 month birthday they got to go to the zoo. Tanner sent me this pic of her. So sweet.

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