Thursday, June 9, 2016


One of my FAVORITE places to be in Utah is Millcreek Canyon. Holy there's so so so many amazing memories that have been made up that canyon. We grew up having "Fun Friday" days up there all summer - playing games and bum sliding in the river and hiking around, all with my fav cousins. Then there were summer solstice parties and trail runs and weekly hikes and mtn bike rides shared with great people. Ahhh. Millcreek.

Haha. Sorry. Now that I'm done reminiscing...

We headed up there Monday for the day. My aunt Shirley and mom and Kathryn and Laura and Logan and Tanner and kids and I all went. We played games, ate lunch, played fetch with dogs, scooped rocks and dirt and threw rocks and diet in the river. A perfect day. It rained on us for about 10 minutes and then was just glorious the whole rest of the time. 
Singing to baby Logan
Harv was great at entertaining himself while we tried to play a couple of games. Once we had to resort to an iPhone game so we could finish. Oops. 
Harvey LOVED the river once we finally finished gaming and could go down by it. He was a bit leery at first but pretty soon he was dragging me in and hanging onto my hands and jumping all over the place and splashing and sitting down and loving life. It made me so happy. I hope both of our kids grow to always love and appreciate mountains and nature. It is SO good to be back amongst the mountains. My soul has missed them :)

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  1. It really is such a fun place! I'm so glad you are back to enjoy it!