Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July festivities

We started our patriotic celebrations Saturday, the 2nd after I got off work. We picked up Maddock's fried chicken and met my dad, Kathryn, Heather and Austin at Eaglewood Golf Course for an evening out, awaiting a supposed killer firework show.  Here's Greta asleep on our way there. LOVE those cheeks!

We played some games, rolled down grass hills, chased Harvey around and watched Harvey play in the sand traps. That's where he was happiest :) He jumped off the edge a bunch and I took a million pictures. These are some of my favorites. He wasn't as brave after the face plant...


Donuts compliments of Heather...(I know they are basically all the same picture, but I think they are so cute and I want them all saved here...)

 I did a terrible job taking pictures of anyone else.  Oops! That was dumb. He asked about 80 times at least when the fireworks were coming. He got so excited when it got dark and he snuggled up next to us ready for them. After the FIRST one went off he started crying and begging to go home. He hugged/slashed hid behind Tanner, and then squeezed on me facing away from them, crying. Finally, I asked him if he wanted to hide under the blanket. He said yes and climbed under their and fell asleep. It was kind of sad, actually. I felt bad it scared him so bad. It's a bummer too, they were indeed, a phenomenal display! So much fun!

 Monday Tanner wanted to go to the Kaysville parade. We heard that it was a pretty amazing parade. I had to work that night and so I honestly didn't really want to go. I felt like being lazy. But Tanner convinced me to be patriotic and I'm so glad he did. It was a blast. INCREDIBLY hot, but we hung with Carson and Nat and her fam and they had a shade canopy, luckily. Harvey LOVED it. Fire trucks, VW vans, horses, and candy, duh! It was great. And Greta cooperated quite well too - slept mostly. We played in the shade by the church until things really got rolling. And she even GIGGLED for real -for me! She was doing it way better before I started recording, but oh well. Still cute!

Taking a break from sun and standing.
Greta needs breaks too.

 It got pretty wild at the end! As soon as the main part was over, the hugest water fight ensued. There were some guys next to us launching water balloons into the crowd - I think they may have hurt a few people so that wasn't cool, but you can see how many people were there. Big trucks were driving buy squirting water and getting attacked with everyone else and their water guns, etc. We all stood on the sidelines. Harvey can be a bit wimpy sometimes and Greta wasn't in the mood. But it was rather entertaining to watch! The video is the last truck that came through. They were shooting off fireworks from it too. Good times!
 After that we grabbed some food and went and hung out at Clare and Berrie's new house. They are getting super close to moving in. We played there for a bit and helped put together some shelves. Then I left for work and Tanner took the kids up to Mtn. Green to play at Nat and Preston's and to  have a sleepover :)
 Mason's fam stopped by on their way down to a family party. This picture is too cute.

Being a spaz.
 Happy Independence Day from our crew. So proud to be American and so grateful for our freedom's! We are so blessed.

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  1. Way to be patriotic! haha. We may have to check out the Kaysville parade next year! :)