Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Random 3

A couple of weeks ago Tanner's cousin's family lost their 19 year old son in a bad dirt bike accident. We were able to go to the funeral. Not a happy reason to get dressed up...

It was a really really amazing service and so incredibly sad. We bawled our eyes out. I can't think of a more difficult challenge that anyone could go through than losing a young child. I didn't know the cousin or their son but my heart breaks a million times over for them. They had a bunch of trucks and cars and pictures of him riding dirt bikes down the hall. All Harvey wanted to do was play in and with them. Tanner's cousin let Harv play in this little car they had built and sent us these pictures.
After the service they had a procession of about 100 dirt bikes. Riders of all ages and a good amount of girls too. They followed the hearse out of the church parking lot and went around the block and came back. It was actually a really neat and cool, touching thing. Unfortunately all Harvey wanted to do was ride on all of them. We were glad we were able to be there though and support them and be with family. 

Some other cute randoms...

Passed out after some hard playing at Cherry Hill...
We finally made it to Top Golf last week wth Carson and Nat. Tanner had it all talked up about how awesome it was. It did not disappoint! Tons of fun in the dark and on the top level. And ordering desserts while playing! A big win all around!

Saturday we went to my cousin Jessica's reception at Jordan Park, then made it to the Bee's game. It was fun! Pretty hot but once the sun finally dipped down, it was perfect! Harvey waited in line and played some wiffle ball they had going on the other side of the grass seats. And played at the little playground they have there. And he watched a bit of the game and made some friends. A lovely evening! 

And he got a new hat :)
Interesting pose, G-lo.

And yesterday we made another trip up Millcreek. My cousin and her kids were all there for the first few hours so Harvey had a much more fun time being able to run around with them. He loved the river too! It was a perfect day! 
LOVE these ladies!!
His silly "smile" face.

They both fell asleep on the drive home. Harvey was out in about 1.5 minutes. And this pic of her just cause it's funny and looks terribly uncomfortable!

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