Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dog Lake

On July 25th, my dad and mom and I all had the day off, and it was an odd day so no bikes are allowed on most of the trails in Millcreek, so we decided to make a hiking day of it. Heather and her dog and Kathryn and Laura and Logan joined us. It was really fun. My dad was a trooper and carried Harvey the whole way. I carried Greta. The dogs were spazzes at first but then did really good and had a lot of fun. We have been bad and haven't gotten them out and running around as much as perhaps we should. Greta did great. She took a good nap on the way up. Harvey kept wanting to get down but tolerated being in the carrier for the whole 3 miles. We let him run around once we got to the lake. 

 The dogs were in heaven at the lake. And so was Harvey. I stopped watching him for about two seconds and he was IN the lake. Shoes and all.




My dad only had to rescue him once when he lost his footing and his head went under. Didn't stop him from carrying on though.  Made for a REALLY full and heavy diaper we had to pack back down.

I didn't pack Harvey any extra clothes so he got to head down sporting a diaper and shoes.

Cute parents and momma...

 And some tired, worn out kiddos! Such a fun, beautiful day!

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  1. Such a fun hike! Next time I'd like to be in better shape ;) Haha