Sunday, July 31, 2016

Little G is 5 months

Time keeps on a-tickin'. I love as little babies get more and more talkative, active and interactive. So much fun. We've definitely had some regressions in the sleeping department. I apparently am not good at sleep training kids or doing it right the first time. So I feel like some rough days are in our future as I attempt to psychologically prep myself to teach this little one she doesn't need to wake up at night. She's still oodles better than Harv was at this age, so I shouldn't complain, but I work a lot of late evenings and things would just be all around more convenient for everyone if she could sleep a little more consistently. I find her sleeping with her arms above her head a lot which I think is cute. Of course I don't have any pictures of it though. Still am a sucker for sleeping baby pictures.

She is getting increasingly better at grabbing things and seems to have her preference of toys. I love watching her face get immediately serious and focused when a winner toy gets put in front of her and her hands launch out to grab it. She is much more of a stuff to mouth kid than Harvey was. I think when she gets mobile we are going to have to be much more aware of whats on the ground. Harvey didn't really put stuff in his mouth much or suck on teethers or toys. Having a toddler around with legos and other small toys will also make us have to be on our A-game. She doesn't really seem close to mobility at all yet...she is getting better at sitting up but still can't by herself. She flips onto her stomach almost immediately after getting placed on her back. It's always one direction and she rarely flips back. I think she enjoys being on her tummy. She's got good strong legs and can stand for a long time too.
There have been some milk supply issues this month too that has caused us to use some formula because she was going through the frozen storage like crazy and I wasn't pumping enough while at work for her to have the next day. Stressful and sad and I almost gave up pumping and nursing entirely but have increased my efforts and hopefully we will be in a good place. I'm just not ready to let that go. So other than being somewhat hungry, she is a very happy and content little thing. She's very smiley but doesn't laugh as much as I'd like. Usually if I try to get her to with tickling her neck she stiffens up and then gets mad.

We had to take my mom to the ER this month and I had Greta with me. She pooped and it was a mess and got on her shirt. So while I was washing the shirt in the sink, she was chilling on the bed with my mom. This picture is funny. But before this, she was all smiles and I asked her if she thought it was funny she got poop all over her shirt and she giggled! That was funny.

Why not a selfie?
 Earlier this month I had her on the couch downstairs and ran to the bedroom to grab a diaper. As I was coming back I saw her mid fall. She hit her head on the corner of Harvey's big cement truck. She FLIPPED. I mean it looks really painful and I felt so bad but holy crap she screamed bloody murder. It was so sad. I don't even know how she did it because she was tucked back by the back of the couch and somehow flipped herself enough to go head first off the couch. No more leaving her unattended on anything higher than the floor!
 Trying on a bow from aunt Carrie and a little photo shoot for fun.
 Little thing loves the water like her brother! I put her in the bath with him a couple of times and she goes crazy with all that space and laying down. I guess she goes pretty crazy in my parent's big sink where we usually bathe her. My mom helps bathe her a lot because she's awesome. We tag teamed this one and got some fun pictures, of which I will include almost all of them because I can't help myself.

Haha. It looks like she's running.


So cute. Dress from Scotland compliments of Grammy.
Another over the top picture taking session. We stopped at an In and Out burger and she was being too dang adorable. She had just recently starting grabbing onto her feet and she was having fun with them today so I took it upon myself to take a lot of pictures of it.

My favorite!

Harvey took this one and I just like the close up cuteness of her nose and lips.
We decided maybe we'd try some rice cereal. I never did baby food or rice cereal or anything like that with Harvey because I was all about the baby led weaning thing. I want to do the same thing with her but we wanted to see if she'd like it and if it would help with either night sleeping or just filling her up so I could catch back up on pumping. She didn't love it. It was funny. But we did get some smiles after we stopped trying to shove it in her mouth. We'll try again sometime.

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  1. The pics of her in that blue bow are seriously the cutest! And her rolls! Oh goodness! So much love!!