Monday, July 18, 2016


love this blog. I can just put random pictures on here that I want to be documented for ever that don't really make much sense anywhere else :) And that is what this post is all about.
Last week my mom and I went to a meeting at the IRC in Salt Lake. I can say it like that, like I totally know what that is because I do...except I didn't before. Haha. It's the International Rescue Committee and it's a non profit organization all over the world that helps with refugees. We had to go to the volunteer orientation before we can start doing any type of volunteer work. We are so excited about it!!! But anyway - while we were gone my friend Steff and her husband Nate babysat for us (Tanner got held up getting some stuff done with the truck). She sent me these pictures and I just love them! And I love her and her family. 
Precious Oakley and G-lo
How sweet is this?!
I love seeing this candid happy smile!
Nate, Oakley and Harv

And then I had to work last Friday and my mom got called off and Tanner's parents were moving so it worked out he could leave the kids with my mom so he could go help them. They had a fabulous day. And I love that she kept me up to date with pictures. And these are just too cute to not post!
My mom said when Harvey looked over at G and saw that she had woken up, he exclaimed, "Hi sweetheart!!! Did you wake up!?" Oh my gosh I was dying. So cute. 
He was so well behaved and didn't throw a fit when they left and went down for a nap like a champ! Made me so happy he was being so good! 
Then they found a new park near our house and my mom said he had a blast and played his heart out on the drums, and with singing :)
Feeling the beat
REALLY feeling the beat. Haha!
[heart eyes!!!]

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  1. Woah, that park looks rad! And his "Hi sweetheart!" Oh. my. word. So cute!!!