Saturday, April 25, 2015

A date

We haven't been the best at having regular dates, and I'm pretty sure I'm the one to blame for that. Well Tanner took things into his own hands this week and told me to get a sitter. So I did. Harvey started SCREAMING as soon as he saw us both walking up the steps. Despite how infrequently it happens, he knows what a babysitter means. I guess he cried for a little bit after we left but was pretty good the rest of the evening. 
We went to dinner at Outlaws. It's a newer restaurant that neither of us had been to and it was delicious. Then the surprise part of the evening was a Willistpn Concert Series concert at the high school. 
I'd never heard of them before. Tanner had. They are a folk trio that has been around since like 1959 (different members throughout the years). They actually were really good and it was a lot of fun!
We were two of MAYBE five people less than 50 :)
It was a great night and made me realize we need to do that more regularly!

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