Saturday, April 18, 2015

Easter Week

The Sunday before Easter we decided to let Harv wear the outfit Tanner bought him while he was in Phoenix, since Easter Sunday was conference. Before church we went to the park to try and get a few Easter pictures. He just wanted to move and walk so it was hard to get him to look and it was bright so he was squinty. But I think they are still cute!

This picture after during church basically sums up how church has been going lately. Nursery is going to be a blessed time...I hope.
Tanner's parents and brother Carson and his wife Nat started driving up our way the next day. They were going to see Rapid City (where Carson served his mission) and Mt. Rushmore. They made it to our house Wednesday afternoon. I unfortunately had to work the whole time they were here though. Wednesday before work I tried to get some dinner made for them, and I only say that because I took this picture of Harvey "helping" and it just kind of cracks me up.
I didn't go in till noon so we had some hanging out time in the morning and they were nice and waited up for me when I got home and we did a lot of gaming, which was really fun. Tanner showed them around Williston a bit, where he worked, and took them to the ARC. He and Carson played golf while Mimi and Papa played with Harvey at the indoor playground. Not a lot of pictures documenting the week. Oops.

They left early Saturday morning. Way too quick of a trip, but so much fun having them up here. I forgot how much I LOVE having visitors! Saturday morning Harvey got his Easter "basket". 

Takin' some time away from hoops for the good word.
I'm finally doing this blog several weeks later, and it's safe to say he loves it still. Oh man. He is putting stuff through the hoop NON stop. He loves all types of balls. And he flips out whenever he sees basketball hoops anywhere. He gets pretty loud at church seeing the hoops in the gym. Our run this morning he kept pointing out hoops hooked on garages or in yards that I could barely even see. It's funny.
Sunday was Easter and we spent the day hanging out and watching conference. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making, if I do say so myself, a PRETTY delicious meal. Tanner entertained Harvey with bubbles while I was cooking.
 There was a time he actually helped me too. He always wants me to pick him up when I'm in the kitchen. Not always an effective way to get things done, but I did let him help with dumping some flour in the mixer while making rolls.

And this is kind of a stupid picture to end with, but this was the final product of all the hard work. It really was delicious. 
Anyway - it was a great week. I love my family. And grateful the most to the Savior and His life. I'm not that great about being openly "religious", but I need to be better. It's great to have special holidays where we can focus a little more on His life and resurrection. But sometimes I'm guilty of letting life get in the way and I need to better at focusing on Him every day, and not just when we have holidays. He is the most important thing, after all. I do believe and know that. And that's all I'll leave you with for now. Happy belated Easter :)

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  1. That meal looks delicious. Make some for me next time ;) And Harv, just as cute as ever!