Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fun in the sun

People should really get awards for surviving northern mid-west winters I think. It's always a miraculous thing to have REAL spring arrive and realize we've survived another winter up here. It has been a very happy couple of weeks. I have been off work and the weather has been lovey. Harvey LOVES being outside. He doesn't listen that great all the time until I tell him we have to get shoes on so we can go outside. Then he'll sit quietly while I get him ready. Today I went outside with him when we let Rozzi out and when we all came back in, he FREAKED out. Just wanted to go back outside. He has been awesome in the stroller and letting me get a little running in too. It's been fun wearing him out outside and having him pass out for naps or at night :) Wins all around. I've just been snapping pictures of all our recent park adventures and so am just gonna dump them all here. Williston does have a good handful of fun parks which is really awesome. We've also made it to the pool a couple times recently which he also is loving and doing really good running around. I just can't ever take pictures of that. I need a waterproof case :) Anyway - Harvey/park picture overload coming your way...
At the park with the babysitter and family. Those kids LOVE him. 
He always has such a serious face!
Those were some toys another kid had that was nice enough to share. But when it was time to leave them in the sandbox, he wasn't too happy. We have gotten him his own set since. They had their first visit to the sandbox today. (Those pics are later). 
He is enjoying the sun from inside. This is a new favorite spot of his and it's really funny and cute how he nestles himself in like that. 
Also not outside but these pictures are so cute. And he's enjoying his first Popsicle and that's a sunny thing to do :)

He climbed under this rope like ten times and it was so funny to watch. It was pretty low to the ground and he just slithered right on under. 
And another non park "sun" thing photo ;)
These are from today. 
He's gonna have wrinkles by age 5 with how much his eyebrows are always furrowed. I probably take too many pictures of him. I actually wish I could record every second of his life so I can always remember him perfectly every step of the way. He is so much fun! 


  1. Such a serious little cutie!

  2. I miss the Williston parks!! Those were some of my favorites! Looks like it is turning amazing... which I totally agree... a prize should be awarded to everyone who stuck it out.... High fives all around until then ;)

  3. Haha I hope little Logan loves to be outside as much as Harvster! So fun!!