Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trailerhauser updates

After living here almost 3 years, we finally decided to do something about our ugly walls.
This pic is obviously old (we still miss our buddy Samson)...I forgot to take a couple before we were knee deep in paint mode. It actually started out with some furniture rearrangement. We bought new bedroom furniture. Oh my gosh I can't even express the excitement over this!!! We were in desperate need of a new dresser for years and just put it off because we weren't ready to commit to the whole new spread. So we finally pulled the trigger and we put our old bed in the spare room. That whole process involved a lot of cleaning, organizing and going through stuff and throwing things away. So refreshing. It got Tanner in the mood and he wanted to go pick out paint. I ran with it. And in one evening we painted four coats of paint on two walls. Soooooo so so much better. 
Finished products:

And our bedroom furniture that I am in love with as well. And our new mattress! Heavenly. (We did spend a boat load on pillows that we thought were gonna be awesome, but are a bit too firm. Learned the hard way that the store doesn't take pillows back. Nuts. Anyone in need of some super fancy but a titch on the firmer side pillows???)
It's like we live in a whole new house. Maybe we can last a couple more :) 


  1. The living room looks awesome! I love that color. Can you come paint my yellow kitchen to something that looks less gaggy?

  2. Awesome!! We've been talking about painting for months now....maybe I'll do it after seeing this inspiring post!

  3. Your house looks amazing! :) Love the color choices!! Good job making it happen! We are on year two... hoping to change something sometime soon.. We shall see...

  4. A much needed update! It looks lovely :)