Saturday, April 25, 2015


We decided to take a last minute, quick, half weekend trip to Bismarck. It had been awhile since we went to the temple and things mostly fell into place to make it happen this weekend. Harv actually did pretty dang good on the drive down. We got down there about 8pm and checked into the hotel.  Harv was all wound up once we got there. I don't think he finally passed out till like 11. We could NOT get him to fall asleep. He was running around up and down the halls finding all the garbage cans and cupboards. And in the room he was a nut. Up on the bed playing. Down on the floor messing with stuff. Then back up bouncing on pillows and us. It was quite entertaining. That's mostly all of what I took pictures of.
And then he slept kind of terribly. As did I. He woke up about 3 and freaked out for awhile. After that he did sleep good till about 8. 
We didn't have a babysitter this trip so Tanner and I had to take turns. He went in the morning and I took Harvey to the pool. He had a lot of fun and there was a little family that had 3 kids swimming and they were just so taken with him. Kept following him around and grabbing his hands and feet etc etc. It was pretty cute. After that we got ready and waited for dad to get back and me to take my turn.
They went to a golf store and the little one was being a bit of a grump since he didn't get much sleep last night and hadn't had a nap. We went to HuHot for lunch after which was delicious. Tanner succumbed and did Asian for me. (And I think he even liked it). Then we wandered Scheel's and Harv was extra ready for a nap so that didn't last too long. And about 2.3 minutes after being in the car this happened...
Hahaha. His little face and little double chin are about the cutest things ever. This was after he woke up. 
So many Harvey pictures :)  It's a rough trip with a baby just to go to the temple. And there were a few times if I wondered if it was worth it. It was. Always is. 


  1. Ok... so the picture of Harvey asleep in his car seat cracks me up. I totally love it and it makes me smile. Instant smile... Each time I scroll past it. Love it! He is such a cute boy!

  2. When you come home, I'll babysit and you can both go to the temple together :)