Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Clay pigeons

Tanner got a new shotgun a ways back and we hadn't had a chance to get it dirty until last Saturday. A friend he works with has a mini shooting range set up by his house out of town a ways. There's targets and a table and a clay pigeon thrower. So we went up on morning. Harv napped on the way there which was nice. 
Tanner and Ben got the gun put together and Harv woke up just in time for the action. Although after about 10 minutes he decided he was DONE with wearing earmuffs of having me cover his ears. So instead of being able to run around outside he played in the driver seat of the truck. 

He handled it like a pro. I shot it a couple times too and it is pretty smooth and doesn't kick too bad. My aim wasn't QUITE as accurate as Tanner's. 
This was accidentally taken but I kinda like it. 
Before we locked ourselves in the car he played on Ben's 4-wheeler. He thought it was awesome. 

We keep getting text updates on Gus and he is improving a lot and doing really well. I'm kinda missing the little dude and we are hoping we'll get to go visit in the next couple of weeks. Tanners definitely getting excited for pheasant season. Nice to have a reason to look forward to winter up here!

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  1. Oh. my. heck. He is freakishly adorable in those earmuffs! So cute!!!