Sunday, September 24, 2017

Lottie's 1st month

So this third child is not getting shorted on the picture taking. I just loaded all these up and realized there are a million! Oops. My worry is being able to stay caught up on these monthly posts for a year. She's almost 2 months and I'm finally getting this one finished. Yikes. I'll do the best I can and we'll see what happens.

Selfie snuggles. Just because that position and these moments are precious and I never want to forget them.

So. Much. Sleeping. That actually made the first couple weeks with 3 kids seem ok. Towards the end of the month when she didn't sleep ALL the time, things got a little hairier. And she revealed herself to kind of be more on the fussy side of the infant spectrum. We've had some challenges trying to work out when I think she's tired vs. hungry vs. has a bubble, etc. It's hard to tell and she has a pretty similar ANGRY cry that goes with all 3. Still working on all that. She slept like 5-6 hours at a time the first few nights and I thought we might have been blessed with an angel baby. Haha. She wakes up only 2 usually but unfortunately we have some struggles getting her back to sleep. Newborns are hard, I decided...but luckily equally and probably exceedingly, precious.

We've been trying to force the binky. She really hasn't shown a lot of interest in it and it's been really hard to get her to take it. And although it might be nice not to have to deal with weaning her of it, I really want her to take it so that she might be slightly easier or at least able to be calmed down somewhat by Tanner.

The kids are IN LOVE. Greta especially. She always wants to be looking at her and touching her. And says "baby" all the time in the cutest little voice. And points out her nose, and then everyone's noses in a 3 mile radius, basically. It's really quite cute.

Harv took this pic

5 days old - walking to take Harvey to his first day of preschool

A few pics my bro took of her...

First bath with a cute little helper. She did okay with it and seemed to calm when the water was on her good, but she HATED getting out. Just like me and the 2 kids before her. I really don't think she likes to be cold (who does, really) so I guess I should say I think she really likes to be plenty warm. Her umbilical stump did fall off at like day 5 and then just oozed crusty gross stuff for about a week after. And she's the only kid that DOESN'T have an umbilical hernia! Hooray!

All 3 kids locked and loaded in the van. Aaaahhhh! 3 kids!!!! But it's a miracle we made it outside. I really have been so much better than I expected with being able to get outside the house with everyone. It's a happy thing, for sure!

Cousin Clara - 2.5 weeks older but I've got some rolls and chub on her for sure, even though I always look smaller in pics...

There's so many dang pictures because newborns do the cutest things with their arms and make so many cute, fun facial expressions. I can't help myself.

Dinner date with momma and Brooke at Meditrina!

Her left ear is a different shape than her right - it has that little indent in it. The right is perfectly round. Interesting, cute and unique :)

Quick snap taken on her one month bday :) It's safe to say we are all smitten and in love with this little lottie ladybug!

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