Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Wheeler Farm

Just trying to take advantage of some beautiful Fall days! My mom was at Lake Powell with her high school girl friends and so we stole my dad and all went to Wheeler Farm. Ever since the fair, Harvey was talking about wanting to milk a cow (and he remembered doing it last year) and so Laura and Kathryn joined and we had a great time!

Got a little close...

Save me!

Ok, now we're friends

My dad is the best. He ran around like crazy with all 3 of these rugrats while Laura and Kathryn and I sat and just chatted and held babies and watched :)

I love Harvey's face in the next two pictures. He's SO animated and gets pretty intense when playing! It's great!

Harvey was awesome. When it was FINALLY his turn, he walked right up to those udders and milked away. Then went to town with two hands like he was born to do it. It was so funny. He was squeezing pretty hard, I was waiting for the cow to make her displeasure with it known. But she took it just fine.

Greta was all about trying until her hand JUST about touched an udder. I got her to reach a few times but every time she chickened out just at the end. Haha.

Animals, rocks, rivers, udders, park, aunts, cousins and pop pop - really can't beat that!

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