Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lottie's blessing

We blessed Lottie on October 8. There was a bit of stress trying to decide where we would have our after party. I was REALLY hoping it would be great weather so we could do it outside, but we couldn't really depend on that (and good thing we didn't cause it was pretty cold). And we didn't really want to do it at our house because we don't have furniture upstairs and our basement is kind of a mess since we got water in it again and so the carpet is a mess. Berrie was a saint and offered her house up for it. We just did immediate family this time. Tanner has kind of wanted to keep it low key with all the kids, and he got his wish this time :) My parents came up early to help with the kids - which was a pretty good thing because we probably wouldn't have made it on time were it not for an
extra 2 pairs of hands! 

Even had a few minutes to try to get a few pics of her in her dress (bought by Berrie. Tights, shoes and bracelet and blanket from my mama). 

This picture makes Tanner and I laugh. Trying to force a family picture is never a good idea. Here's some proof. G was especially grumpy and clingy for some reason, Harvey just wanted to go play with cousins and Lottie was ready for a nap. Oh well. It's us and real :)


A beautiful day celebrating Lottie. Despite the challenges a newborn bring (and a slightly fussy, hard newborn at that), we love love love this baby. My mom was awesome and documented and then typed up the blessing, which was also really beautiful. I'm so grateful for Tanner, for our loving, supportive families, and the gospel that makes all of it eternal!

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