Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A memory

I tried to get Tanner to do this blog because technically it is his memory. But he declined the opportunity. So even though I wasn't a part of it I have memories of when he went to the World Series for the second year in a row. It was a last minute thing. Sort of. He and his Cardinal loving friends talked about it long before the Cardinals were even in the World Series. Last minute Friday afternoon (October 25) I get a call from him asking if he can go with them.  Pretty please!? How could I say no? Well I suppose I could have but two of his greatest friends here were going to the ultimate event of his favorite sport. So they went. And made game 3 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday and were back Monday night. 
Game 3 was awesome he said. So much energy and excitement. The one game he went to last year was fun but home team lost and it wasn't very eventful. Plus Cardinals won so that is always exciting. Tanner still claims to be a Brewers fan  though :)
Bacon wrapped hot dogs are healthy, right? 
Tradition for big baseball games includes a walk around of the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. Game 4 was still good but the Cardinals lost. 
This might be one of my all time favorite pictures. There is ultimate joy dripping everywhere here. This picture made me not regret for a second "letting" him go (like I REALLY have any control over him anyway :) )
He seems to think that since this has now happened two years in a row that it somehow makes this tradition. I would suggest he not get his hopes up of making this memory every year though!


  1. It looks so fun! The view of the arch from the stands is pretty amazing!

  2. Looks totally win for NICEST wife EVER. I hope he knows how lucky he is ;)