Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This is what the sky looked like when I walked out of the gym and then headed to work. 
Not a cloud in sight. It's funny because when my in laws were up here a month ago they couldn't get over how HUGE the sky was. They asked if we ever had completely clear days. I guess I hadn't really paid a lot of attention to it but it seemed like we don't really. It seems like there's always some clouds in the sky. Of course not when the blog needs to be about clouds. Jk. But that is one thing Tanner and I have both loved about North Dakota. The sky almost always is amazing. There is so much of it. The clouds are so varied and beautiful. And we have amazing sunrises and sunsets almost daily it seems.  Guess that's one good thing about living somewhere flat. 
I did remember to go take an extra look this evening before daylight was completely gone. A few clouds existed. 

Not the best picture but we still love our big, beautiful, ND sky! Clouds or no clouds :)

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