Friday, November 22, 2013


Tanner offered to take a picture of my pregnant behind (butt) BUT then we decided enough people have suffered from seeing the wide load. So we will take a different approach. 
This game is not over yet so anything can happen. I am just a little behind. Hopefully tomorrow that won't be the case. 
We also played a new game tonight called "Telestrations". Wow. So. Much. Fun.  We laughed so much. I finished very much ahead in that one. Yay!  Overall I finished behind in a best of three Battleship battle with Tanner as well. 

In other news we did some shopping and saw Captain Phillips today. It was pretty good we all thought. 

And these are some pics from the last couple days that I just like and are random.
Which one of these is NOT a food baby?!

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