Monday, November 11, 2013

Part of me

I'm picking the month prompt for Wednesday for today. It's my first time doing a month thing so I'm taking some liberty with what may be the rules of the game. But it works out better in my favor. Because today is the start of the third trimester. And this little guy is very much a part of me. 
I'm kind of obsessed with this picture. I think it is so precious. We had our big ultrasound for anatomy and finding out the sex at 22 weeks. We had known he was a boy since 16.5 though :) It was awesome. Tanner got to come for it and it was so rad to see him move around and then have them switch it into 3D movie mode here and there. He was kind of a stinker for face shots. He has never really responded to moving when we poke him. The tech tried pushing on him and having me move all over the place to get him to reveal his face more. This is one of the best ones we got. (And the only one of his face on my phone).
We got a cd with all the pictures and a few short videos where you can see him yawning and just opening and closing his mouth. I love that. I think this one is cute too. 
The doctor wasn't 100% satisfied with one of the views of part of his heart so she had me come back in two weeks to get a couple quick shots. Everything was perfect and we got a couple better face shots (the first pic on here). And these:
I've been feeling him move since week 19. Tanner finally got to feel him at about 23 weeks. The last several weeks he has definitely bumped up the action. It's still my favorite part to feel him squirming around inside. So bizarre. 
Last week I had the glucose tolerance test. I got the lime drink and it wasn't even bad. Probably a bad sign if it didn't taste excessively sweet. I have problems. I haven't heard anything back so I'm assuming the pancreas handled it ok. She wanted to start me on every two week appointments from then too so that's kind of fun. Means we are getting close. Hooray! We are both getting so ridiculously excited. Still have much to do. But I think I finally decided on colors and nursery theme. We'll see. More to come on that. 
Otherwise the rest of the 2nd trimester has passed beautifully. (Minus the car accident fiasco). I feel really good. Except for the occasional pubic pain. I've still been able to exercise though. But our gym pass expires tomorrow which I'm not terribly sad about. I'll probably stick to some yoga videos that I have and love and kick my butt. I'm trying to think if there's anything else exciting that has happened. I've had two and only two strangers say something about my belly. One asked if I was 8 months. Nope. Just 6. But I imagine more comments will start coming now that it is "blatantly obvious" according to 8 month guy. I'm okay with it. I like looking for real pregnant even if I don't like the thighs and face looking pregnant. And I really enjoy being pregnant. I doubt I'll always be this lucky but I'll take it right now! 
So happy this little man inside will always be a part of me and Tanner. Can't wait to meet him. 


  1. I love the ruching on your shirt. It is super cute and flattering. You may be making this baby, but he is also making you. :) I'm excited for you guys.

  2. You look great! I am slightly jealous of the baby movement...that is the best feeling in the world!