Friday, November 29, 2013


I've got nothing creative for the title today. It's Black Friday so I'll just tell ya about our last day in Utah. 
Made a little trip to the bountiful temple extremely early. Almost ran out of Utah time for it but for sure better late then not at all. Then Tanner packed up the truck. I seriously still don't understand how he fit it all in. We had a TON of stuff to load!! He's good. Real good. 
Then I took the dogs for a walk. Samson sure just can't make it very far. We went a bit and he got tired so we took him home and Roz and I just went. Rozzi is turning into the most amazing dog. She was so good walking. And every time a car drives by she slows down and stands right by me till it passes. I'm quite glad of this but it also pains me a little that she has so much PTSD from her accident last Christmas. I still feel sick inside when I re-picture that whole event. 
Breaks my heart. But so so happy she's still around. Our dogs both are awesome. We might be slightly annoyingly in love with them :)
That's them playing with my sisters great dane Canon. It's weird when Rozzi looks small. 
After walk and leftover turkey we all headed up to Logan to watch our niece Romy in The Nutcracker. In all my almost 31 years I have never seen that ballet. She did awesome and we love to be able to support her and see her shine, but I'll probably be okay if it's another 31 years before I see another ballet. 
Romy's little sis Ivy. 
Also this picture happened. Which I love. 
Then after that we went to Logan hot spot Fredrico's pizza. Yum. Don't think I've eaten there since freshman year of college. It was tasty. And also sad because from there we said goodbye to half the family. That part is definitely the worst part about coming home. Five months till we come home again hopefully. And crazy again to realize we'll have a kid that time. We'll be parents. Yikes. 


  1. You are SOOOOO on top of this blog post!!! AMAZING. Tanner is VERY good, I saw all that stuff, and I was CONVINCED you were going home with a Uhaul. WOW.

    I MISS you guys already……..Travel safe……………Quality photo of C and T post ballet. You know secretly they wish they were the one in tights!!! ;) xoxoxoxo

  2. So glad you had such a good time! We are in the same boat as far as going home, too, so we will just have to hang in Williston :)