Sunday, November 3, 2013

P is for...

Pomme. That's French for apple. We've been talking about making caramel apples for a long time and finally got around to it today. I remember making them a lot when we were kids. But we didn't ever do anything Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory style. And I've never been the one more in charge. So it was an experiment. 
Our friends the Mabeus' came over to help eat the sugary goodness. And they were sugary and good. Just didn't turn out so hot.  There must be a learning curve. Don't judge. Next time look out. 
I guess since this was gonna be a more Halloween activity that we never got around to, I will take the opportunity to add some photos of our Halloween. Lindy and her mother in law, Beth wanted to do big ward party not at the church and go carnival style vs a trunk or treat, which I was a huge supporter of. I don't necessarily love trunk or treats. I luckily was off Halloween so it worked out freat. We spent a lot of time setting everything up and I did good taking pics of that but failed miserably taking the finished product pics. Use your imagination I suppose. 
My mom gave me the idea for our costumes. Tanner wasn't a fan at all but really wasn't coming up with anything better so in the end he was an awesomely good sport and played along. Which paid off because we won funniest/cleverest costume which equaled a homemade apple pie. Score!
So cute, huh? They also had a chili cooking contest and desserts and music and some little booths that people from the ward volunteered to run. McBride's killed it with their creepy touch station and dragon booger popcorn. 
The bowling alley and chipping "green" were supposed to be more for the adults but I think the kids loved them even more. There were a few other booths and tons of candy and lots of people came and dressed up and overall it was just a really fun night. 
After we drove to a house in town that goes crazy decorating. He owns the Halloween shop in town I guess (didn't even know we had a Halloween shop). But it's pretty legit. 
He has this hearse in his driveway that a huge demon comes out holding a dead guy and two werewolf looking things are holding the legs. It goes up about 15 feet at least. Then just tons of other creepy things and a bunch of stuff that moves and jumps out at you. Like some nasty thing under that table with the rotting girl on it, a nasty dog out of a dog house and a guy in an electric chair that's pretty disturbing. It was cool. Tanner took a sweet video of it but I can't upload it doing this on my phone. Maybe I'll try to add it later. But all in all it was a great Halloween!

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  1. Clever to use "pomme" for your P. Caramel apples are super finicky. I have never been able to get them to turn out. Yours look really good. Last time I made them, I had very nice apples sitting in puddles of caramel.