Friday, November 15, 2013

In my "purse"

Two things before we get to the photo. One - this is my least favorite prompt for the month thus far. Just kind of boring but I'll do it for to keep my perfect record going. And two - I really have always hated the word purse. I don't know why. But I like to just call it a bag. Or satchel even. So this is a dumb picture of what happened to be in my bag at the end of today. I did just clean out most of the old receipts that were in it though. 
I've had the Chapstick on the right forever. And the red ball Chapstick I love a lot. Both were gifts :) The pill box hasn't gotten much use since the ol' pregnancy business. And I want a new wallet. And bag for that matter. Lucky for me a birthday and Christmas are just around the corner. 

1 comment:

  1. And then you will just switch all your purse items to the diaper least I did. A purse was just one item too many with babies!