Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I collect...

Books. I'm not really a collector of anything else. I don't hoard stuff and I get great satisfaction out of throwing things away as opposed to storing them. But if there is something I really really enjoy having, it's books. 
I hate checking books out from the library because then I have to take them back. Even if I know I'll probably never read the book again, I still just want to own it. Which is kind of against my extremely practical and frugal nature. My favorite genre of books are the classics. Give me a good English lit list and I'd be happy. I've done a couple of book clubs...one with friends and currently one with my sisters and mom and it's good for me to branch out of my norm. I always have dreamed of just having a huge library in a house someday lined with shelves and shelves of books. Like Beauty and the Beast style. Except with a curved staircase somewhere in there. Bookstores are probably in my top 3 places to shop at. (The other two being grocery stores and REI. Although I don't love grocery shopping here. At Walmart.)
Anyway. That leads me into a more specific aspect of book collecting. I LOVE cookbooks. Like a lot. I love to cook and I love to explore new recipes and try new flavor and styles etc. Hence probably why I love good grocery stores so much. 
Never can have too many, that's what I say. Now if only I could harness more time for both reading and cooking I'd be set!!

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