Thursday, November 7, 2013


We got our insurance check today!! That is a happy thing for both me and the husband. It has been a long and stressful two weeks. 
Two Saturdays ago I was driving to work along a nice 30mph road and I came to a 4-way stop. I started going after taking my turn at the stop sign and when I was about to the middle of the intersection I noticed a blue car coming kinda fast. Also in that split second I realized it wasn't stopping so I tried to swerve to the left to maybe get put of the way or something. It didn't work. I was driving Tanner's truck as he had my car on the way to the World Series. She hit me on the passenger side in the middle of the truck. Getting both the bed and the back of the cab pretty squished. The craziest thing though was that it knocked the truck over. 
What?? Not expecting that at all. It was crazy and happened so fast. I unbuckled my seatbelt and kind of fell into the ground and almost immediately started bawling. Also at that time an old
guy ran around to the windshield and tapped and yelled if I was ok. Yes. Physically felt ok but I was hysterical. Couldn't believe it happened. Freaking out about our baby. Truck ruined. And I was supposed to work. Lots more people ran around to the front and I was just crouched down in the cab with coke and soup all over me feeling like a fish in a tank with people just staring in at my helpless crying self. I couldn't open the door so just waited for cops and fire truck and EMS to get there. They ended up breaking both the passenger side windows. Broke one and gave me a blanket to cover up with and then broke the other and glass shattered all over me. Then I climbed/was hoisted out. It was quite the scene from what I could take in before getting put in the ambulance. Fire trucks. Traffic backed up. Cops. Tons of people all over the place. I physically felt ok so the ambulance just gave me a ride to work since I knew all of them and the cops anyway. Baby checked out ok so I was gonna try to work but was so shaky and emotional and just not ok so a friend came to get me and we went and took more pics of the truck at the tow yard and got everything out of it. Then I went home and tried to relax. 
Zero fun. Tanner luckily started taking care of all the lame insurance stuff when he got back. He was awesome like that and for not being mad at all that I destroyed his truck. (Well technically the 83 year old Buick driving lady did). 
It has been a long annoying and fustrating process with the insurance. But they finally decided it was totaled Tuesday and we got the last of everything finalized today. So a trip to Bismarck is on the agenda this Saturday to replace the wreckage. Tanner is pretty excited. I'll post pics of the replacement!
As traumatizing and stressful and annoying and everything as it was we couldn't be more grateful to our Heavenly Father for protecting me and baby Harvey. Trucks can obviously be replaced. We are so blessed.


  1. Ooh yes! Good things come from bad things! I can't imagine how much worse that accident might have been if you were in your car. The World Series saves lives. :)

  2. That's so scary. I am glad you and the baby are fine! Have fun shopping for the replacement :)

  3. I HATED seeing the texts of the wreck and HATED seeing them again. It looks SOOOOO SCARY. SO glad you and Harv checked out okay, and that 2 weeks later everyone is happy with a new truck. BLESSED indeed. Glad it wasn't worse.