Monday, November 4, 2013


One of my favorite friends up here had a birthday a couple weeks ago and for her present I wanted to take her to get a pedicure. Today our schedules and abilities finally aligned and off we went to New Directions. It really may have been the best pedicure I've ever experienced. They did a great job and lots of soaking and rubbing and all the best parts of a pedicure were had.
It was kind of weird though because the guy that did mine was really talkative. He was intently listening to our conversation and asking us questions about what we were talking about. Nice guy. But who would have thought I'd prefer just them talking about me in Vietnamese while I was clueless to what they were saying. Just kidding. That's rude. He was nice and it was sweet. 
Now for the table part. Afterwards we went to a Williston favorite...My Swirl. 
And we sat and enjoyed some pumpkin frozen yogurt at the table. And it was glorious. Thanks for the awesome evening and having a birthday, Emily!

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  1. Yes! He wasn't even trying to hide that he was listening! He was smiling and nodding and jumping in. So funny!