Saturday, November 23, 2013


This might could have been the theme of the day. I guess. I feel like it was a simple and beautiful day with the family. It was our Thanksgiving dinner with my family. And I guess preparing that isn't all that simple but many hands certainly did make light work. And the food was delicious. Simple but delicious. 
Totally look like a fat Amish person in this picture. Oh well. Tanner looks good :)
We played games (I did win Mexican Train if you were wondering).  We sat around and talked. We ran to the fabric store for some little errands my mom and sister and I all needed to do. And we might finish it up with a movie. The Great Gatsby. We had our book club meeting too so the next one has been unveiled (The Rent Collector). 
Family is absolutely the best. Simple as that. 

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  1. OH my goodness….totally laughing at your fat Amish comment, but that is NOT the case….Nope, sorry, you don't look FAT or AMISH at all. ;) But it was funny….;)