Thursday, November 21, 2013

I wish I had this

I wish I could have a baby shower every day!  Haha.  Just kidding.  But we did have another baby shower with my family today.  It was great.  It's nice to have things like this because it's the only time everyone can get together.  And usually on our trips home we don't see even a fraction of all the people we'd like to see and catch up with.  So last night was great.  A lot of my friends showed up which was awesome and lots of cousins and family we rarely get to see.  And there was so much niceness.  Again, I'm just overwhelmed with how kind and generous people are.  I still feel like we were just playing.  I got to open a bunch of cute little baby things and that's fun.  But it kind of hit me weird last night that all that stuff was for a baby that would be coming out of me soon.  And then I'd be the mom.  And I'd be responsible for him. And it sort of made me feel stressed and anxious for a second.  Even with everything we got I was worried we still need things to help him stay alive or something.  I think I'm calmed down a little now though - and just back to the usual excitement.  But it is still weird that it's my turn.  This is me...making a baby and entering the unknown realm of parenthood.  Yikes. 

 This pic they are smelling diapers with melted chocolate candy bars in them.  You had to guess which candy bar it was.  There was also a fun game my sister Laura did that was little plastic babies in ice cubes.  She passed them around and you held it in a little dixie cup and when it melted and you could pull out the baby sans any ice, you called out your water broke and then you won a prize :) 

 We had yummy dinner too.  Great salads and sandwiches. The other game was a bingo game where people filled in their own cards with what presents they thought I would get and then as we opened them they got to mark it off. 

 Tanner showed up just in time for present helping.  I was happy.  I don't love being the center of attention and having everyone watch me do stuff.  So he helped take the heat off a little :) 

 This is one of the ugliest pictures of me of all time but it's the best pic we got of the blanket my mom made us. So flipping cute!  She made a fitted sheet and a bumper too.  LOVE.  I love how talented she is and willing to spend hours and hours to share that talent.  Harv is going to love it.  Can't wait to go home and paint and get the nursery all set up.  Guess we need a crib now :)

 We only had one little helper this night. My adorable little niece Adi was enjoying all the tissue paper and bags. 

We got tons of books at this one.  It was awesome.  I LOVE books (I think I've mentioned that several times this month).  But I do. And I'm so excited to be able to read and read to the little guy.  Hope he loves them as much as I do.  We are so grateful to everyone who made this happen - got it ready, cleaned up, came and supported us.  We are so blessed to have the family and friends we do. 

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  1. Looks like you got some awesome loot! Glad you're having a great time. :)