Friday, November 8, 2013

Someone(s) I miss

This is a tough one. I miss a lot of people living away from home. So many of my long term friends are in Utah and all my family is there. And I miss them all. But I think I'm gonna go ahead and pick these two for the bloggity blog. 
Mom and dad. They are the best. And two of my favorite people ever. They are so fun and funny (as you can see from the pic...and also give good inspiration for Halloween costumes) and happy and patient and wise and good.  Fortunately technology makes it nice and we get to text and email and call and facetime often so it makes the distance not seem so bad. But I miss hanging with them and laughing and joking in person. It was so fun to have them here a couple months ago. It's going to be awesome to be home again in a couple weeks to see all our friends and family. 

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