Sunday, November 10, 2013


I certainly love books. Remember that post about collecting them? I love to read so much. Wish I allowed myself more time to do it. This is the book I just finished. 
Yep. Pretty interesting huh? It actually was really good and helpful and I'm all stoked and hopefully mentally prepared for the challenge that will be solely breastfeeding. I'm excited!

This is the book I hope to start today. 
My sisters and mom and I are in a book club. We have yet to decide upon a name. This is the last of the first run through then we are starting at the top again with new choices. We have been sort of ok good with having our meetings via FaceTime/etc. We missed the last one so while we are home we'll get to chat about this one and the last one we read. So that means I've got about a week to finish it. I've read it before and remember really liking it but it's been a long time! 
This has been our first round (mostly for my bad memory). 
Mom- When Broken Glass Floats
Me- A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Heather- Shadow of the Wind
Julie- Dear John
Kathryn- Angle of Repose
Laura- The Great Gatsby

See. We get a great variety and it's a lot of fun to all be reading the same thing and then compare how we all felt about all of them. Love it. 

Lastly, I was given this notebook today. 
My new visiting teachers stopped by and brought it with a pumpkin cake mix. Yum. Last week we had a great lesson on gratitude and the teacher gave a challenge to write things we are grateful for down in a journal. I thought it was a great idea but hadn't gotten around to doing it yet. So it was so nice of them to do that and get me going on something I hope I do for a lot longer than the rest of November. It was awesome having them come. I always feel like I'm doing just dandy enough so I don't really NEED visiting teachers, but today made me realize how awesome it is whether or not you're active or not or need anything. I'm excited to get to know them more :)

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  1. I've loved catching up on your blog! I'm glad you and baby Harvey were okay after that crazy accident!! And I'm glad Tanner got a sweet looking pickup. Sounds like everything and everyone are on the happy side of things which is great. :) hope things continue in the happy range and I look forward to the rest of november's posts!! :) take care!