Sunday, November 24, 2013

A word

I think I will choose two words for today. Number one: Grandma
My last living grandparent has been at an Alzheimer's care facility for the last 3 years. I am ashamed to admit that the last few times we've come home we haven't made it out to see her. She isn't the grandma we grew up with and doesn't know who anyone is so I think sometimes maybe that's how I justify not being better. This trip it was a priority and I'm so glad we went. She said she loved me too after I told her I loved her. That's big. I like to think and hope that she does somehow like seeing us. The whole circle of life is very interesting. It just makes me so grateful that we have the gospel and knowledge of life after this. And that she will be her again someday. Makes things like this a little easier.
Word two: raclette. Aka French fondue. Aka awesomeness. My cousin Ty introduced us to it last New Years and we loved it. So we requested he host another party while we were in town and it certainly did not disappoint. It was so fun hanging out with our cousins and the food was amazing. We started off with salami and homemade bread and cheese. Then veggies and cheese. Then steak and cheese. We had 6 different types of cheese for all of that. Then we finished it off with dessert. Sautéed apples and brie and honey and then pirouette cookies and mascarpone and melted chocolate and strawberry drizzle. Wow. 
Aunt Shirley had knee surgery two weeks ago but she can still party :)
The little ones made s'mores when we were done. Then we sat around and chatted and laughed and it was just a perfect night. 

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